Overcome Writer’s Block.

A creative writing platform for poetry, lyrics, marketing copy, and more.

Find Key Words

  • Amplify your work with powerful rhymes, near rhymes, and synonyms.
  • Use the interactive topic explorer to expand your creativity.
  • Discover clichés.
  • View the meter and stressed syllables for a given line and foot type.
Pencraft cliché detector
Pencraft AI

Unleash Your Creativity

  • Utilize the rhyme scheme detector and the word frequency counter.
  • See how other poets used a word or phrase in nearly 40,000 poems.
  • Search through over 150 marketing phrases.
  • Overcome writer’s block with the AI-powered assistant.


Work with your favorite word processor

Web Browser

Mobile friendly compatibility with your web browser. Use Pencraft as a companion to any word processor.

Microsoft Word

Seamless integration with Microsoft Word’s desktop and web offerings. The web version of Microsoft Word is free. It can be found here.

Google Docs and Chrome

Coming soon!

Learn How Pencraft Can Help You

Pencraft can help all creative writers. Below, are some example uses.


Marketing & Advertising

  • Spice up your copy with rhymes, related topics, and synonyms.
  • Gain inspiration for a new slogan or headline with the marketing phrase search, the poetry phrase search, and the AI-powered poet assistant.
  • Rid your work of clichés and overused words.


  • Spark your creativity with a plethora of features designed for poets and poetry students.
  • Learn your craft via the rhyme scheme, poem type, and meter detector.
  • Read and gain inspiration from the works of some of the greatest poets.
  • View the stressed syllables for a given foot type, such as the iamb.
  • Use the AI-powered poet assistant for a writing prompt or inspiration.

Lyrics & Songwriting

  • Stimulate your musical and lyrical talent with powerful rhymes, synonyms, and poetic inspiration.
  • Utilize the feet, meter, and syllable features to perfect your rhythm.
  • Supercharge your creativity with poetic, AI-generated lyrics.
  • Use the AI-generated lyrics for a template.


  • Let poetic language be your catalyst.
  • Conquer writer’s block via the poetic assistant AI and from seeing how poets used a certain word or phrase.
  • Spot clichés and overused words.



  • Craft powerful speeches that are poetically inspired.
  • Find the perfect word with the related topic viewer and thesaurus.
  • Rid your speech of clichés and overused words.


  • Compose essays with rich, diverse, and cliché-free language.
  • Efficiently find words and their definitions in the digital dictionary.
  • Find the right word with the built-in related topic viewer and thesaurus.

For Educators

  • Help your students unlock and enhance their creativity.
  • Harness the power of a secure, easy-to-use, and well-integrated teaching tool in your classroom.
  • Streamlined integration with your school's system.
  • A customized pricing plan perfect for your organization.

Pencraft Community: Chat With Other Creative Writers on Discord!

  • Exchange feedback and critiques on lyrics, poetry, stories, and copy.
  • Share and participate in writing prompts.
  • Promote your work.